THANK YOU for participating!

  • Order as many BINGO cards as you would like to increase your chances in the raffle as well as helping to feed your homebound neighbors! All proceeds go to Meals on Wheels of Charlottesville/Albemarle. Each card is $10. Once your order is submitted, you will receive a picture (to save to your phone or print at home) to track your progress.
  • Visit restaurants throughout the month of September that appear on your card to mark five in a row to get BINGO! You can use one card to get more than one BINGO; however, please email each separate time you get BINGO. Each card is unique so ordering multiple cards will increase your chances of getting a BINGO when you visit your favorite restaurants. You can mark your card any way you wish… a circle, a check mark, etc. or if you are only using a phone image you can get creative with your phone apps. We are making it as easy as possible on you as you visit these fabulous restaurants and help your homebound neighbors!
  • Once you have a card with 5 restaurant visits in a row (the center MOW square counts), reply to the email  that you received the BINGO card from with BINGO in the body ( You will receive a confirmation email regarding your entry into the raffle. Please make sure to REPLY back, no need to send a new email!


  • Purchase one BINGO card: 1 entry per card.
  • Complete a row (BINGO): 1 entry per card, or 1 entry per row completed if all on one card. Ex: 3 rows equal 3 entries.
  • One entry per tagged “selfie” at participating restaurants. Increase your chances for the raffle! Create a POST on Instagram or Facebook with your selfie or food picture at the restaurant (or with your take-out at home) and tag BOTH @cvilletastethis AND @cvillemeals AND tag/mention the restaurant . Posts must follow these directions to be entered. You can post a selfie at each restaurant you visit for additional raffle entries! Each social media platform post is one raffle entry so the same post to both Facebook and Instagram = two raffle entries. 

To learn about the raffle prizes, click HERE.